Friday, October 24, 2014

Got A New MLM Downline System Member

The page To Log New MLM Downline System Members Has Moved. You will receive the link and password automatically each time you sponsor a new member. 

This blog post is for MLM Downline System members who enroll a new AIOP (All In One Profits) member via MLM Downline System. All In One Profits is our Flagship Program on step 2 of the system. (Please no existing AIOP usernames allowed.)

MLM Downline System is a Free simple 3 step system that we use to build AIOP and our primary Opportunities. 

We promote with all members after verification that they did in deed join All In One Profits, who by the way pays out 100% commissions. Members are added to the main site rota-tor.

MLM Downline System is promoted via Safelist, Solo Ads, Traffic Exchanges, organic searches and many more. 

If you are wondering if MLM Downline System converts paid All In One Profits members, below is my own personal results. While I make absolutely no promises or guarantees, we have people, who for many this is the first time they have ever sponsored a paying member and the first time they have made any money online. 

Members home for Brian Davis (briandavis)

Your level : Pro.

Total earned :$499.00Members in your downline (paying to you)
Already paid :$456.0034
Unpaid :$43.00Members you referred
Pending payout :$0.0046
The next one will be passed up

Brian Davis 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vollara Review

"Discover How I Turned On The Downline Switch To
Massive Sign-Ups In My Business And How You Can Too!"

Vollara Review - Is the Buzz About Vollara True?

Vollara Review - Is the Buzz About Vollara True?
To start with, I want to give you a brief overview of who I am. I was so blessed enough to have been introduced to the network marketing industry by an influential and powerful woman. Since then, I have been lucky enough to be mentored by some of the best in the industry. From my experience in the network marketing industry, I have come to see that there are a few KEY ELEMENTS that will make all the difference in whether a company like Vollara will rise to the top or whether Vollara will sink to the bottom. I wrote this review to giving you those facts.

Vollara is a company with products for 'uncompromising health'. Vollara helps you shape your weight and takes care of your body from the inside out and from the outside in. In this review I will offer you my input on whether Vollara is just a lot of hype and fluff or something you you should jump on, legitimate and lucrative opportunity in the home based business industry.

First: Vollara's Products:

Have you ever heard of a company become successful without a cutting edge or innovative product? No company can be successful in this industry or any other for that matter, unless they have a unique product. I do think there is great potential for Vollara in these areas. Their products are targeted right at the health and wellness trend that is sweeping the nation. With everyone wants to loose wight, get healthy, take supplements and live in a cleaner environment, Vollara is surely positioned well.

Second: Vollara's Leadership:

Leadership is a key factor that I cannot stress enough! It is important to know that any network marketing company is worthless, unless, you have the right people who stand behind it. Vollara needs BIG leaders to influence and guide the networks and start to create some buzz which will create momentum. Without great leaders the business will die out quickly. That is simply a fact of the industry of network marketing.
If Vollara can capture some big leaders and grab hold of some key people in network marketing, their ability to drive the market and influence the industry will get the momentum going...AND FAST! It all comes down to who the company can attracted to distribute...not how good your product is!

Third: Vollara's Marketing:

Without marketing fueling and guiding each distributor, the business will never succeed! Any business, including Vollara, is useless to a new marketer, a 'newbie', if you will, unless that marketer knows what he or she is doing! Knows the market, knows how to generate leads and the science behind these principles.
I have witnessed so many people completely FAIL at this business regardless of how great their product or company is, because they did not know how to market or build their business. The job of a person building a home based business or a network marketing company is to take ownership of their business and become a true entrepreneur. You need to educated yourself, develop your skills and be learning and growing daily.

In order to be successful, the formula is simple. Become a REAL entrepreneur by seeking the knowledge to market your business like a true professional, through growth and development. Once you have mastered this, you will find more success than all of the other Vollara distributors.
To Learn The Most Cutting Edge Marketing Strategies Made So Anyone Can Become An Entrepreneur Visit: []

End of original Article

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What Works Best To Get More Downline Member Signups?

What methods work best to generate leads and ultimately get more active downline members is a question that has been asked for as long as there have been direct selling companies.
Of course the question What Works Best To Get More Downline Member Signups, being asked today will result in different answers than 30 years ago.  That far back you might get suggestions like, magazine ads, newspaper ads, direct mail and of course belly to belly prospecting.
Today however; social media would probably get the highest recommendation. But does social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.. actually work the best to get more downline signups?
The question I propose to you, is What Works Best To Get More Downline Member Signups? Please leave your comments below at what you feel works the best. Remember to leave a link website link for some free exposure.
Talk with you later Brian Davis

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Do You Know The Real Reason Why Most People Fail In Network Marketing?

Because their freaking lazy! Ah you thought I was going to start out with the traditional “it’s not your fault” or tell you that you've been lied to is the reason people fail in MLM. Well that my friends is a bunch of hogwash and it’s nothing more than reverse psychology. It’s a tactic that is as old as, well as old as attraction marketing I suppose.  

Let’s be honest, when most people join a network marketing company, they join with the vision of soon living in a 7000 square foot house on the beach, driving expensive cars and if they are really good, they can bring back the double finger shoot at parties.

But when most people discover that network marketing takes work, most are not willing to put in the effort. 

People will join an MLM, attempt to work it for a short period, oh and checking your email 30 times and hour for a sign ups doesn't count as working your business. But when they don't see immediate results they quit. And most will ponder at what happened, why didn't I make all that money they said I could make.  

Do you know why earning disclaimers are required to be on marketing systems that even hint at income, it’s the same reason there’s a warning sticker on an iron that reads do not iron clothes while wearing them.  Because there are brain dead people who will try to iron a wrinkle out with the shirt on.  People will try and sue the network marketing company because they didn't make the money that might have been portrayed in a video or text on a landing page. 

What do you think, why do you think most people fail in network marketing?
Brian Davis

Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 MLM company of the year.

Let me tell you my friend, there are (2) epidemics
sweeping our world right this very moment and we
were losing the fight
Until NOW.

The first one is our Brains. Did you know your brain
performs and estimated 10,000,000,000,000,000
operations every second?

Your brain uses more energy than any other organ in
the human body and it’s the only organ that can not
be replaced.

And yet we never think about our brains when we think
about our health.

The second one is our financial future. You may have
a JOB that pays well, but do you really have financial

Practically everyone, no matter where they are in the
world, want a better life for their family.
So here is my honest question to you.

“What happens when you combine a BREAKTHROUGH
product that everybody NEEDS...with the HOTTEST
compensation plan in the industry... powered by the most
POWERFUL system ever created, and a leadership team
that is COMMITTED to helping YOU win?”

Brian Davis

Friday, January 24, 2014

Proof That is a scam

Paul Darby is without a doubt a con man, a scammer, a poser.
  Honor and Integrity; once you lose that, you lose everything.
 I was the number 5 enroller in Yougetpaidfast before my account was shut down. 

I honestly don't feel that the programs (Yougetpaidfast) or MyNewinternetbusiness are scams, but rather the person behind the programs, and that person being Paul Darby. 

This is not a defamatory post again Paul Darby at all, Just Google his name and you will find 1000's of complaints written about and against him. A leopard can't change his spots. 

 The first sign that I knew something was shady about  Yougetpaidfast, was the launch of the "international" platform that Paul Darby was calling "Mynewinternetbusiness". 

 Paul Darby held a conference call where he announced that only small group would be able to participate in the soft launch for Mynewinternetbusiness. 

He allowed 28 people to join the soft launch, of those 28 people, 14 were not his personal referrals but yet all 28 had to send him $100 to participate. 

He told everyone on the conference call that the 14 people, who were not direct to Paul Darby, would be moved back to their original sponsor. 

 Now here is where it starts to get shady.  On another conference call he tells everyone that he can't move the 14 people back under their original sponsor. 

Now since we don't know who these 14 were, we really don't know how many Yougetpaidfast members they had. 

It gets better. Now Paul Darby told everyone on the call that the "system" will not allow him to move the 14 people back, yet he was able to take my entire downline and move them. 

Wait it gets even better. After the soft launch was complete, Paul Darby opened up the Mynewinternetbusiness for all current Yougetpaidfast members to join before going public.  But get this, he inserted 2 links in every yougetpaidfast members back office. 

1 link being each members direct sponsor and the other being a direct link to the company (Paul Darby's) link. 

 He sent out email blast telling everyone that if they didn't join mynewinternetbusiness within 48 hours they would "lose everything".  From the time that I was able to join mynewinternetbusiness and for my link to work took 3 days. 

It took each person's link for Mynewinternetbusiness 3 days to activate. Keep in mind he put 2 links in the back office for every yougetpaidfast member to click on, one being his (which was active) and direct sponsors links which took 3 days to get activated. But yet he was telling everyone they had to join or lose everything. Personally I had 7 that got scared and joined Paul Directly. 

 About 3 weeks ago, my passwords were being changed for both my yougetpaidfast account and my MNIB account. Paul Darby or someone changed my passwords to "Paulsnow" I would go in and change them to something different, thinking there is probably a good explanation. 

But today Paul Darby deleted my accounts and moved my downline. 

The truth is most of the people who join Yougetpaidfast are brand new to internet marketing and don't know any better. And I was the only seasoned marketer that would call Paul Darby out on the shady stuff, so I guess he felt it was necessary to delete my accounts.

Now the brutal truth is I was number 5, but I barely made a little over $200. Paul Darby portrays the program as if people were getting rich. 

 One last thing, when the program yougetpaidfast initially launched, one of my personal referrals was having a very difficult time and asked for a refund of his $28 dollars. I and my upline gave him back his $28 dollars, but Paul Darby on a conference call tells everyone that he refunded the money.

 Here is my advice to you on anything Paul Darby is behind, trust your gut... because in 2008 Yougetpaidfast was a different program then it is today, so I ask you what happen to all those people?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Brain Fuel Plus, By Brain Abundance Works.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

OPN, The Opportunity Network Review

The Opportunity Network (OPN) is a Direct Offering business based in Singapore. Over 42,000+ folks voted for OPN as the Best Direct Selling chance for 2014.
The SiteTalk neighborhood has approximately 12-15 million signed up customers while OPN has about 300,000+ activated profiles. OPN integrates highly effective office and social trends with a direct selling payment plan.
OPN is working hand in hand with 37 professional legislation firms worldwide to ensure the business is compliant with all regulations and policies. It is Sitetalks's aspiration to become one of the leading 5 Social Network Providers worldwide, and OPN's to become one of the leading 5 Direct Sales Companies worldwide.
After a registration with Sitetalk, a free of cost Social Network Platform (SNP) that combines social networking with integrated services the member additionally gets a cost-free subscription with OPN. This OPN membership is labeleded as inactive up until such time he/she decides to use business version. There is no commitment to trigger this membership at anytime.
As a member of SiteTalk you are admitted to a range of third party products and services. The firm is searching for DSA membership. Estimated Sales Profits 2012 $20-- $ 50 million.
Sitetalk is branding its self by using/implementing 3 specific approaches:.
Typical advertising and marketing, ads in papers, signboards, buses.
Online marketing.
Direct Advertising and marketing utilizing The Chance Network-- OPN.
The business authorized a contract as the main sponsor for the Air Conditioning Milan football schools in Asia. This was done with an intermediate firm called "Football permanently Ltd" Hong Kong.
AC Milan footbal Sitetalk Unaico.
Sitetalk and OPN have a variety of services and items including 3 "Advantage Plans" being composed of a variety of products and services that the Free SiteTalk/OPN participant can acquire if he so desires to. The advantage package offers a saving of around 30 % against purchasing the products/services independently which any person could do. Provided online are Sitetalk Gamings, Sitetalk Deals, that can be played/purchased using Sitetalk Credits. ALL products and Sitetalk Credits have an associated BV (Business Quantity). On the collected BV of acquisitions made from any kind of Sitetalk/OPN participant directly in the shops, payments are paid according to the real com-plan.
Sales are produced via direct acquisitions of products and services in the stores via the Sitetalk/OPN participants that are in reality the end consumer.
For all members to the registration is 100 % free of charge, at the exact same occasion the ST participant gets a FREE OPN membership with absolutely no commitments. A free SiteTalk user can activate his/her free of cost dormant OPN position by building up a certain number of BV (business quantity) via his and/or via his personally sponsored Sitetalk members.
Update: Business Benefit Plan is EUR165 ($216) the Expert Benefit Package is EUR550 ($725) The Excellent Benefit Plan EUR 2,250 ($2,900) to acquire.
There are 3 income streams with the OPN compensation plan:.
A "Direct Sales Bonus".
A "Network Team Reward" (Binary/2 group system).
3. A "Matching Benefit".
Direct Sales Bonus offer (DSB):.
As a Standard Member, Bronze Participant or Gold Participant on all directly produced sales you will certainly obtain a 10 % commission based upon business Quantity (BV) associated to the different products and services. There are nothing else demands to be able to get the DSB payments.
Network Group Perk (NTB):.
On the complete Business Quantity (BV) created in a business pattern (I week) in the "minimal leg" you will certainly get a 10 % payment. One BV is equal to EUR1. This regular payment is capped at a maximum payout of EUR500 for a Basic Member, EUR2.500 for a Bronze Member and EUR12.500 for a Gold Participant.
The leg with the most affordable sales volume within an estimation period (one week) of your 2 legged framework (Binary). 10 % of this Office Quantity (BV) is paid weekly. The same length of Company Volume (BV) x 2 (dual) will certainly be taken off from your "Greater" leg (the leg with the higher Office Quantity for the regular period).
Rune Evensen-- Chief Executive Officer (Main Executive Officer).
David Goh-- CFO (Chief Financial Officer).
Frank Ricketts-- CCO (Principal Compliance Policeman).
Arve Evensen-- COO (Principal Operating Officer).
Kjell Arild Tiltnes-- CCO (Principal Communications Policeman).
Rune, David and Frank are alreadying existing participants of the OPN management group. Arve and Kjell Arild are brand-new executives.
Arve Evensen-- Main Operating Policeman.
Arve is matured 53 and originates from Norway where he began his expert occupation as a Master Watchmaker, developing an effective chain of stores with 21 sites. He is also the inventor and creator of Zpey System which is an international brand of fly fishing pole and devices. It is from this background that Arve initially acquired his abilities as a skilled businessman and networker with an eye for chances and customer support.
Arve then moved on in office and in charged of the list of a Norwegian telecommunications firm on the Norwegian stock exchange. Arve is an identified fitness instructor, presenter and instructor in Scandinavia where, for the last 13 years, he has actually been educating on leadership development, personnel development, company psychology and disagreement resolution.
Kjell Arild Tiltnes-- Chief Communication Officer.
In his unique profession, Kjell has actually always remained close to his area of passion which is communications and marketing. He has actually acquired valuable business and marketing encounter as a task supervisor and occasions supervisor with firm greats such as Audi, VW, Ford Motor Company, Nokia, etc
. He has actually also worked in solution and customer treatment, and has been extremely effective in the industry of Network Advertising and marketing, having actually succeeded as both a representative and as a Chief Communications Officer for a Scandinavian Network Marketing Company.
The Chance Network (OPN) is a Direct Offering firm based in Singapore. Upon a registration with Sitetalk, a free of charge Social Network System (SNP) that integrates social networking with incorporated solutions the member additionally obtains a free of cost membership with OPN. Sitetalk and OPN have a number of products and solutions consisting of 3 "Advantage Package deals" consisting of a number of products and solutions that the Free SiteTalk/OPN member can purchase if he so wishes to. For all members to the registration is ONE HUNDRED % free of cost, at the very same circumstances the ST participant obtains a FREE OPN membership with no responsibilities. A free of cost SiteTalk customer could trigger his/her cost-free inactive OPN position by building up a certain number of BV (office volume) through his and/or through his directly sponsored Sitetalk members.

Thursday, January 9, 2014 Leads

At the time of this post, I am no.5 on the leaderboard, but this is not about me, as a matter of fact I personally stopped promoting but yet I still receive commissions from the program.
Why, because I built a team, a downline of reps that are now starting to duplicate and sponsor more members.
If you are a member, how do you build a successful and profit producing organization.
#1. You must learn lead generation. One of the main reasons I was able to reach the top of the leaderboard is I learned valuable lead generation skills.
#2.  Where to find leads.  This is probably how you found this article or blog post, and that is you may have been searching for, leads for

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Brian Davis Quit My Lead System Pro

I canceled my subscription to My Lead System Pro aka MLSP. And guess what happened, my lead flow came to a screeching halt and so did sponsoring people into my primary.  I quit My Lead System Pro because I got greedy. No honestly, here’s how I was looking at My Lead System Pro; you get paid only on your personal referrals. I’m not sure what the percentage is paid out, but if you are a My Lead System Pro Gold you’ll pay $49.97 a month and only get $15 for every My Lead System Pro Gold member you sponsor.

When I looked at My Lead System Pro from that point a view, I thought, man why am I promoting My Lead System Pro and not getting 100% commissions like these other lead generating programs? So I quit My Lead System Pro.

Then I realized, My Lead System Pro is a whole heck of a lot more than a lead generating system.  You don’t realize how valuable something is until it’s gone, it’s like air you don’t think about it until you don’t have any. 

My Lead System Pro honestly has more training, Facebook, YouTube, blogging, video marketing, squeeze page setup, article writing, the list just goes on and on. 

After I quit My Lead System Pro I began to look for something to take its place.  One thing I noticed is the majority of my downline in various programs, have no blogging skills at all.  So I began looking for a lead generation system that would show people how to blog, if even the basics. Well My Lead System Pro has that, right there under my nose. 

I also forgot that My Lead System Pro main purpose is to build a primary business. Every time one of your personal referrals logs in, they will see your primary business in a non-intrusive way. 

Here’s the bottom line; there is no other lead system that even remotely comes close to My Lead System Pro.  I Will Never Try 
To Build Without It.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Thoughts On Submission Works.

I’ll cut to the chase on Submission Works and advise you to save your money or put it to better use.  

I personally tried submission works for 3 months and didn’t so much as see a single optin.  Does that mean Submission Works has not worked for anyone, no, but I have yet to come across anyone who can show undeniable proof that Submission Works does. 

You have to consider, that when you pool your money with 100′s or even 100′s of other people, all of whom are promoting upto 7 different links, the odds are pretty slim that your link will even be seen.

The promotion tactics I see a few Submission Works use, is to prey off of struggling reps in certain companies or programs that experience sudden growth spurts, or as we call it, the momentum phase.  

They’ll use headlines like 25 empower network signups, or some other out right lie. This is done for the sole purpose of getting people to sign up for the non refundable Submission Works service.  Keep in mind, you can’t blame Submission Works for that.

Submission Works cost $30 a month.  Here’s my recommendation, take that $30 and buy a solo ad from TopSurfer. At least with Top Surfer you know your site will be seen and not rotated.  Buy a 3 day full page ad in State Of The Art Mailer
Please leave your comments and tell me if you have any experience with Submission Works

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Autoresponder And The Dweeb.

I’m actually smiling right now as I type this.  I wonder if there is a shorthand text code for that like LOL or LMAO, maybe we should come up with one.

Anyhow, this afternoon I got an email notification from my autoresponder service (Aweber) that a contact had unsubscribed from one of my list.  Now Aweber let’s you set it up, to give people the option of leaving a comment as to why they unsubscribed from your list.  

This particular person writes me a nasty comment, something along the lines of why am I pushing my crap on Christmas.  At first that kind of caught by surprise.  After all I don’t own any products and I hadn’t emailed anybody on that particular list in quite some time. 

I logged into my aweber account, found their name, and sure enough he opted into a capture page (full data and IP of the computer he used) and an automated message went out on December 25.   So in a sense he was right, although it wasn’t me personally, my autoresponder service did it’s job and emailed him as scheduled.   

If you’re building a business online, and you’re using and autoresponder, expect to have dweebs reply with harsh and down right nasty responses. But just be the bigger person and simply delete it and remove them from your autoresponder list. And with most email providers you can even block them. 

Ever had anybody unsubscribe from your autoresponder and leave you a nasty or rude response, leave your comment below I would like to read it. 

Brian Davis
P.S The Best Autoresponder

Wednesday, December 25, 2013 This Could Really Work.

As I sit here on Christmas night.  I can’t help but think just how well Paul Darby’s newest addition could actually be. 
Mynewinternetbusiness, which doesn’t officially launch to the public until January 1, 2014, can be considered an addition to the already popular program he started back in September, called 

I will tell you upfront that I am a member of both programs.  I have made some good money with yougetpaidfast and rather quickly.  But it’s no secret that Paul Darby has a tarnished reputation with seasoned internet marketers.  It’s not uncommon to find negative complaints on just about any successful internet marketer, however; Paul Darby has a significantly higher complaint rate than most. 

So why would I tell you, that I’m a member of a Paul Darby program and then turn around and tell you the negative stuff.   First off if I didn’t tell you, and tried to act like it didn’t exist, you would do what most smart marketers do, and that is search out if Yougetpaidfast or Mynewinternetbusiness was a scam. Then I would expect you would search the internet on information about the creator. 

Once you discovered Paul Darby’s reputation, you would never even consider working with me, because you might think I was trying to hide something.  

so why did I join Yougetpaidfast and now Mynewinternetbusiness? Because the program flatout works.  Like I said earlier I have made money promoting Yougetpaidfast.

It’s a fact that a lot of people have made money with yougetpaidfast and it’s looking like more will make a lot more with Mynewinternetbusiness.  Paul Darby is not charging an admin fee, nor is there any recurring monthly commitment.  Which makes both programs very appealing.  

Here’s the bottom line, I keep a very close eye on how Paul Darby runs the program. I keep a close lookout for any shady activity and so far, he seems to be running an honest and ethical business.  I hope he continues, as yougetpaidfast and now mynewinternetbusiness are really good programs.  Perhaps this is his last chance. 

Brian Davis
P.S not a member of yougetpaidfast?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Empower Network Affiliates Are Having Way Too Much Fun.

Now that a empower network now has domain mapping for their blogging platform, I rejoined; after all I had been getting a commission check from them every month since 2011.

One thing about me, is I am man of morals and values, and if my gut tells me that something shady is going on behind the scenes, I walk away. Now that has probably cost me a lot of money over the years, but it is what it is. 

There’s a group I'm part of in this company called the “Prosperity Team”.

The marketing material they give you, make you feel like you're part of a team. I don't know about you, but feeling like you’re part of the team and not building a business by yourself is important to me.

Here’s one of the capture pages, that lead to the “Pizza Boy Millionaire” landing page and follow up system it’s pretty cool. And the whole group just seem to have a blast.

See ya at the top
Brian Davis

Thursday, October 3, 2013 Review

Paul Darby, a very successful internet marketer, who has created some of the highest grossing affiliate programs on the internet, recently launched “You Get Paid Fast
I first saw late on a Friday night.  By Saturday the next day I had my (4) $7.00 money orders in the mail.  By that Tuesday, I received my first $7.00 money order.  Yougetpaidfast is working.
At first I was a little hesitant about the whole paying with money order method, but to be honest it's kind of fun for lack of better words, to go out to the mail box and have something there other than bills and junk mail.  Plus I feel like we are helping out our postal service, My grandfather and his father both retired from the USPS. Me, I retired from the U.S Navy after 25 years.
The main thing that caught my attention was the payment buttons. I don't want this to be just about money, but let's get real who starts a home business or any business not to make money?  When you join YouGetPaidFast and you pay your one time (4) $7.00 money orders, your in business.  
Your website will have 4 payment buttons on it. Anyone you refer to will have 4 payment buttons on their website, only this time one of those 4 payment buttons will be yours. 
For most of us, our brains are triggered to think small or think of the here and now, rather than the big picture or big potential.  It's kind of like when an artist looks at a canvas and sees something much different than everyone else.  
The best analogy I can use with and the payment structure is the penny doubled a day concept.  
If I walked up to you right now and had $100,000 in my right hand and a single red penny in the left and told you, that you can have the $100,000 right now but if you wait, I'll double the penny every day for 30 days and give that amount to you at the end of 30 days, which would you choose.
Most would choose the $100,000.   But did you know that a penny doubled a day for 30 days would be $5,368,709.12. Now put that same concept in your mind only this time, it's $7.00 money orders instead of a penny being doubled a day. 
Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying you will make a million dollars with or any money.  You might join, send in your four money orders and never do anything after that. It does take a little work.  But just think about the momentum once your payment buttons are out there.  
In the very near future, Yougetpaidfast will go international, at that time, the payment methods will of course have to change, but oh what a ride that will be.  My only advice, is join, this is a no brainer. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

The truth about MLM Lead Generation Systems.

Another question you might ask, does lead and prospecting systems for network marketing really work to build my primary business?
Lead Generation Systems do work, but there are some things you need to know.
The majority of the popular Lead Generation Systems will tell you that it is highly unlikely that you will ever succeed in MLM if use the old school method, i.e. making a list of 100 people you know, prospecting at malls or coffee shops etc..
Those old school methods definitely do not work and you’ll probably die of old age before you get any significant results from old school methods. 
But what about the new online Lead Generation methods and systems are they any better? Yes they are, 1000 times better, but there are many important things that a Lead Generation System must have, otherwise you may as well just make a list of 100 people.
An MLM Lead Generation Systems needs to be generic. If it is specific to any one MLM company, then you’re excluding hundreds of thousands if not millions of potential leads and prospects.
Lead Generation Systems needs to be easy to duplicate. A new member needs to be able to signup, activate and then launch their site without knowing any technical stuff. 
Lead Generation Systems also needs to appeal to networker experienced in html and capture page creation.
Lead Generation Systems must have good and continuous ongoing training, i.e. live calls, recorded calls, webinars, hangouts etc..
Lead Generation Systems must have a well written follow up message. The money is in the follow up.
If you are looking for Lead Generation System that is complete with everything
= =>

Sunday, September 29, 2013

LifePath Unlimited Leads | Signups

Want to know the secret to generating The Best Free Real
Time Leads for LifePath Unlimited, And How To Make Money From Active Network Marketers who Say No To Your LifePath Unlimited Business? Then open the link directly Below.

LifePath Unlimited Articles

LifePath Unlimited Review - Can You Make Money With LifePath?
By Jim McGilvary
There are thousands of ways to make money online, but nearly all of them turn out to be fraudulent or ineffective. There are only a few proven ways to make money online, and these are advertising and marketing. Marketing is a more advanced form of advertising where you are actually trying to sell a product to somebody else over the internet. There are many programs that help you market products over the internet, and one such program is Life Path Unlimited.
According to Life Path Unlimited, when you purchase their program, you will enjoy the following:

  • Start your own home-based business.
  • Earn a six figure income with relative ease.
  • Do what you want to do.
  • Have time to enjoy your family.
  • Transform yourself with LPU products.
  • Earn monthly residual income in the long term.
  • Change other people's lives with the products you will be selling.

The result you get out of Life Path Unlimited has a direct correlation to the amount of time and energy you put into the program. The concept is fairly simple: you sign up for the program and receive a website from which you can promote various products and services. Whenever a product or service is purchased from your web page, you receive a portion of the earnings, called a commission. To maximize your earnings, you simply have to sell as many products as you can.
In addition to earning money from direct selling, you can also earn money from referral commissions. A referral is somebody who signs up to the program underneath you and starts selling products. Each time one of your referrals sells a product, you receive a small portion of that sale. In this manner, it is quite possible to establish streams of monthly residual income with no effort and no money needed up front with Life Path. This is why marketing programs are so popular to make money online.
Below are some of the Life Path Unlimited products and services you can purchase and sell when you become a member:

  • LPU Membership - The membership entitles you to begin selling and buying items, and is the first step to achieving financial independence.
  • Awakening the Movie - A behind the scenes film that shows the culture and secrets of the Life Path Unlimited company and network.
  • Breakthrough Event - A three day retreat that helps you develop your body and mind both spiritually and mentally.
  • The Discovery Series - A home study series that focuses on how to earn as much money as possible from every endeavor you partake in.
  • The Destiny Event - Five day all-inclusive retreat that lets you learn more about LPU and the culture surrounding the company.

If you're looking to make a few extra dollars per week, or looking to quit your job and work full time from home, Life Path Unlimited is a great opportunity. You can earn as little or as much as you want depending upon how much effort you put into the program.
Jim McGilvary is an expert at creating massive prosperity in the MLM profession, and if you want to understand how to succeed with LifePath, visit his blog to read the full written LifePath Review now.

What is LifePath Unlimited?
By Dean Perrone
You might be asking, what is LifePath Unlimited and what is all the commotion about??
I wanted to just give a brief overview...
Life Path Unlimited is a two year old company in the personal and prosperity development industry. It's capturing the attention of top industry leaders, especially those from another company in the same genre as well as many other companies. People that have struggled in other companies are leaving those companies and jumping over to LifePath Unlimtied in huge numbers and finding success both personally and financially.
The company's three tiered Personal Development product line includes:
1. The Discovery Series Home Study Course
2. The Breakthrough Conference (4 day all inclusive personal Development conference for 2 people held at the most exotic locations around the world)
3. The Destiny Conference (5 day all inclusive personal and prosperity conference for two people)
The conferences are held at 5 star resorts all over the world (places like Cancun, St. Thomas, Costa Rica, etc.) where LifePath Unlimited brings in some Top Speakers from all over the world to speak on topics such as personal development, riches, abundance, health, prosperity, transformation, etc.
The intention of LifePath Unlimited is to offer top notch products full of value for both customers as well as their own representatives that can be appreciated outside of the income opportunity attached to it. LifePath Unlimited has truly put the products first and the income engine second. That is why so many people are having success with the company and also why the company has grown by 21 Countries in the past year alone. You have to have a "stand alone" product that really provides value to people and helps people. That is why so many other companies fail, they put all focus on the income opportunity and very little thought into their products. The funny thing is, LifePath Unlimited has done the exact opposite all while still creating a comp plan that is un-matched.
A very Shocking thing about LifePath Unlimited is how the company stands behind their product. They actually give a 56 day money back guarantee on the Discovery Series...find another company that does that in the home business world! I think you will have trouble in doing so...
The core product "The Discovery Series" was created by 14 Luminaries that are Top's in their field in the Personal Development Industry. The Luminaries include the likes of Michael Losier author of the Best Seller "The Law Of Attraction" book who can be heard 7 times a week on Oprah Winfrey's radio show, Patrick Combs, and Janet Atwood author of "The Passion Test,". There really is no other product out there similar to the Discovery Series. When it came to creating a solid product, LifePath Unlimited has nailed it! The 14 different Luminaries walk you through "56 Days To Destiny" with this program.
The other two products of LifePath Unlimited are called BreakThrough and Destiny.
Another distinction to LifePath Unlimited is their compensation plan which is different than anything you will find in the direct sales industry.
The Compensation Plan:
LifePath has a true direct sales compensation plan. Only ONE person is paid per sale. There are NO pass ups on the Discovery product and distributors earn $1,000 commissions from EACH Discovery sale. Unlike many companies out there, LifePath has what they call the "NO PASSING ZONE". Most companies make their reps have pass up sales or "training sales" before you can make money. With LifePath Unlimited, you can make money from day ONE.
There are higher ticket commissions for the Breakthrough and Destiny products. The commissions for Breakthrough are $5,000 and the commission on Destiny is $9,000. These again are both all-inclusive personal development conferences for two people held at the most exotic locations around the world with famous guest speakers. They are truly transformational conferences full of substance and valuable content.
The most significant benefit of this compensation plan is that it provides a true "EXIT STRATEGY". This allows individuals to build a business that will allow them to retire in two years with a significant passive residual income.
The Marketing System:
Lifepath Unlimited utilizes a marketing system called LifePath Pro. This is a system that is not mandatory, however most reps do utilize it as it is only $49 a month for all the tools you will need to run the business effectively.
The LifePath Pro system comes with your own 800#, ready to go web pages to market with, training tools, marketing tutorials, business overview pages, an auto-responder email system, contact/lead management system, conference lines for you and your team, etc. Basically, the system has everything you need to run your business effectively.
As far as Home Businesses go, LifePath Unlimited has got it down and that is the reason I believe so many people are having unbelievable results. I have been around for a while in this industry and have seen A LOT of companies, I have not seen a company of this standard that has this type of Integrity in both their products and their community.
Hats off to LifePath Unlimited and what they are doing.
Visit my site for more details: []
Dean Perrone is a full-time Internet Entrepreneur and proud father of 3. To learn more about Dean you can also visit []

Lifepath Unlimited Review - Combining Personal Development and Business
By Billee Brady
The very reason your reading this Lifepath Unlimited Review tells me that you are looking into this company to see whether it is as credible company with a solid business opportunity.
If you are serious about considering investing in this company I want to encourage you to read this entire blog post as I will be going over some information that will assist you in making a well informed decision as to whether LPU is the right company for you.
Not only will I be going over the company's background, products and business opportunity I am also going to give you access to information on how to leverage the most powerful tool of the 21st century for building a network marketing business, the internet.
A Review Of The Lifepath Unlimited Background
LifePath Unlimited was founded in 2006; Joe Neid and Dave Mackenzie founded the company, and its headquarters are in Carefree, Arizona. Since its foundation, the company has managed to grow, establishing itself as a multi-million dollar organization with presence in over 30 countries across the globe.
Essentially, the company has the mission of creating a life-changing difference in the lives of people, motivating them into becoming happier, more successful, and more healthy human beings.
What Are The Lifepath Unlimited Products?
LPU offers three different products; given that it is a personal development company, its products are programs that help people develop in a comprehensive, integral way. These products aim at rendering people as more whole, confident, and assertive individuals, thus facilitating their success.
Having said this, the three products, or programs, that LifePath Unlimited offers are: The Discovery Series; The Breakthrough Event; The Destiny Event. The first of the three products is a series of videos and recordings that aim at helping you realize that you can be anything you want, and do anything you want; this program is meant to serve as a step-by-step guide to personal growth, development, and success.
The other two products are events (conferences, meetings, the works) that take place at exotic resorts; in these events you will engage in a wide variety of activities that will ultimately help you overcome your weaknesses and enhance your strengths in order to become a confident, assertive, and successful individual.
The Lifepath Unlimited Business Opportunity
As far as business opportunities go, LPU is sound, as it allows you to build your own business; it is also an appealing opportunity given that it allows you to manage your own time and you can potentially earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, in both sales commissions and residual income.
However, given that startup costs to start making money can be elevated (as you must buy the products for immediate commissions on sales), and given that the alternative is less than inspiring (because you have to waive your first five sales before making any money), it could not be the right fit for you, especially if you are looking immediate returns and you have no money to invest.
Therefore, it must be said that the company might not be as good an opportunity for everyone, but its commissions are high and this can lead to astronomical income in the long run.
Show How Do You Make Money With Lifepath Unlimited?
Under the LifePath Unlimited compensation plan, the first thing that you need to do is become a member of LifePath Unlimited, which entails paying a $97 USD administrative fee. Now, once you have signed on to the company, you will only make money from sales commissions.
Depending on what product you sell, you can expect commissions of $1,000 USD, $5,000 USD, or $9,000 USD, which you will agree is a lot. However, there is a catch; you will only make commissions on sales if you yourself buy the products that you are planning to sell.
If you cannot afford to buy the products yourself, then you will have to waive commissions on your first five sales (this applies to the company's three products) and you will only get paid after you register your sixth sale. Evidently, the compensation plan is good in that it rewards sales, but it fails to deliver in terms of incentives (given that you must either buy products to receive immediate commissions, or waive your first five commissions per product).
Lifepath Unlimited Conclusion
After reviewing this company it is obvious that this company has a solid business opportunity for the right person who is willing to take action and work the business.
So Is The Lifepath Unlimited Business Model All You Need To Success?
While LPU does provide a solid business opportunity for the right person, the question is "Will the Lifepath Unlimited business model alone be the key to your success?" The answer is a flat out no.
If you are thinking that all you need to do is invest in LPU and the money is just going to start flowing in, then I need to give you a reality check right now because it just doesn't work that way.
"At the end of the day you need to find potential customers and Lifepath Unlimited business partners"
Thanks to the internet it has never been easier to find these types of people, in fact it's now possible to generate 25+ new targeted leads per day on complete auto-pilot by utilizing the internet.
So if you combine a good online marketing strategy with the Lifepath Unlimited business model you will have ever chance of success.
If you are serious about building a Lifepath Unlimited business you will need to learn how to generate leads online, you can access all of the tools and resources you need to go out and start generating your own leads online CLICKING HERE...