Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vollara Review

"Discover How I Turned On The Downline Switch To
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Vollara Review - Is the Buzz About Vollara True?

Vollara Review - Is the Buzz About Vollara True?
To start with, I want to give you a brief overview of who I am. I was so blessed enough to have been introduced to the network marketing industry by an influential and powerful woman. Since then, I have been lucky enough to be mentored by some of the best in the industry. From my experience in the network marketing industry, I have come to see that there are a few KEY ELEMENTS that will make all the difference in whether a company like Vollara will rise to the top or whether Vollara will sink to the bottom. I wrote this review to giving you those facts.

Vollara is a company with products for 'uncompromising health'. Vollara helps you shape your weight and takes care of your body from the inside out and from the outside in. In this review I will offer you my input on whether Vollara is just a lot of hype and fluff or something you you should jump on, legitimate and lucrative opportunity in the home based business industry.

First: Vollara's Products:

Have you ever heard of a company become successful without a cutting edge or innovative product? No company can be successful in this industry or any other for that matter, unless they have a unique product. I do think there is great potential for Vollara in these areas. Their products are targeted right at the health and wellness trend that is sweeping the nation. With everyone wants to loose wight, get healthy, take supplements and live in a cleaner environment, Vollara is surely positioned well.

Second: Vollara's Leadership:

Leadership is a key factor that I cannot stress enough! It is important to know that any network marketing company is worthless, unless, you have the right people who stand behind it. Vollara needs BIG leaders to influence and guide the networks and start to create some buzz which will create momentum. Without great leaders the business will die out quickly. That is simply a fact of the industry of network marketing.
If Vollara can capture some big leaders and grab hold of some key people in network marketing, their ability to drive the market and influence the industry will get the momentum going...AND FAST! It all comes down to who the company can attracted to distribute...not how good your product is!

Third: Vollara's Marketing:

Without marketing fueling and guiding each distributor, the business will never succeed! Any business, including Vollara, is useless to a new marketer, a 'newbie', if you will, unless that marketer knows what he or she is doing! Knows the market, knows how to generate leads and the science behind these principles.
I have witnessed so many people completely FAIL at this business regardless of how great their product or company is, because they did not know how to market or build their business. The job of a person building a home based business or a network marketing company is to take ownership of their business and become a true entrepreneur. You need to educated yourself, develop your skills and be learning and growing daily.

In order to be successful, the formula is simple. Become a REAL entrepreneur by seeking the knowledge to market your business like a true professional, through growth and development. Once you have mastered this, you will find more success than all of the other Vollara distributors.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What Works Best To Get More Downline Member Signups?

What methods work best to generate leads and ultimately get more active downline members is a question that has been asked for as long as there have been direct selling companies.
Of course the question What Works Best To Get More Downline Member Signups, being asked today will result in different answers than 30 years ago.  That far back you might get suggestions like, magazine ads, newspaper ads, direct mail and of course belly to belly prospecting.
Today however; social media would probably get the highest recommendation. But does social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.. actually work the best to get more downline signups?
The question I propose to you, is What Works Best To Get More Downline Member Signups? Please leave your comments below at what you feel works the best. Remember to leave a link website link for some free exposure.
Talk with you later Brian Davis

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Do You Know The Real Reason Why Most People Fail In Network Marketing?

Because their freaking lazy! Ah you thought I was going to start out with the traditional “it’s not your fault” or tell you that you've been lied to is the reason people fail in MLM. Well that my friends is a bunch of hogwash and it’s nothing more than reverse psychology. It’s a tactic that is as old as, well as old as attraction marketing I suppose.  

Let’s be honest, when most people join a network marketing company, they join with the vision of soon living in a 7000 square foot house on the beach, driving expensive cars and if they are really good, they can bring back the double finger shoot at parties.

But when most people discover that network marketing takes work, most are not willing to put in the effort. 

People will join an MLM, attempt to work it for a short period, oh and checking your email 30 times and hour for a sign ups doesn't count as working your business. But when they don't see immediate results they quit. And most will ponder at what happened, why didn't I make all that money they said I could make.  

Do you know why earning disclaimers are required to be on marketing systems that even hint at income, it’s the same reason there’s a warning sticker on an iron that reads do not iron clothes while wearing them.  Because there are brain dead people who will try to iron a wrinkle out with the shirt on.  People will try and sue the network marketing company because they didn't make the money that might have been portrayed in a video or text on a landing page. 

What do you think, why do you think most people fail in network marketing?
Brian Davis

Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014 MLM company of the year.

Let me tell you my friend, there are (2) epidemics
sweeping our world right this very moment and we
were losing the fight
Until NOW.

The first one is our Brains. Did you know your brain
performs and estimated 10,000,000,000,000,000
operations every second?

Your brain uses more energy than any other organ in
the human body and it’s the only organ that can not
be replaced.

And yet we never think about our brains when we think
about our health.

The second one is our financial future. You may have
a JOB that pays well, but do you really have financial

Practically everyone, no matter where they are in the
world, want a better life for their family.
So here is my honest question to you.

“What happens when you combine a BREAKTHROUGH
product that everybody NEEDS...with the HOTTEST
compensation plan in the industry... powered by the most
POWERFUL system ever created, and a leadership team
that is COMMITTED to helping YOU win?”

Brian Davis

Friday, January 24, 2014

Proof That Yougetpaidfast.com is a scam

Paul Darby is without a doubt a con man, a scammer, a poser.
  Honor and Integrity; once you lose that, you lose everything.
 I was the number 5 enroller in Yougetpaidfast before my account was shut down. 

I honestly don't feel that the programs (Yougetpaidfast) or MyNewinternetbusiness are scams, but rather the person behind the programs, and that person being Paul Darby. 

This is not a defamatory post again Paul Darby at all, Just Google his name and you will find 1000's of complaints written about and against him. A leopard can't change his spots. 

 The first sign that I knew something was shady about  Yougetpaidfast, was the launch of the "international" platform that Paul Darby was calling "Mynewinternetbusiness". 

 Paul Darby held a conference call where he announced that only small group would be able to participate in the soft launch for Mynewinternetbusiness. 

He allowed 28 people to join the soft launch, of those 28 people, 14 were not his personal referrals but yet all 28 had to send him $100 to participate. 

He told everyone on the conference call that the 14 people, who were not direct to Paul Darby, would be moved back to their original sponsor. 

 Now here is where it starts to get shady.  On another conference call he tells everyone that he can't move the 14 people back under their original sponsor. 

Now since we don't know who these 14 were, we really don't know how many Yougetpaidfast members they had. 

It gets better. Now Paul Darby told everyone on the call that the "system" will not allow him to move the 14 people back, yet he was able to take my entire downline and move them. 

Wait it gets even better. After the soft launch was complete, Paul Darby opened up the Mynewinternetbusiness for all current Yougetpaidfast members to join before going public.  But get this, he inserted 2 links in every yougetpaidfast members back office. 

1 link being each members direct sponsor and the other being a direct link to the company (Paul Darby's) link. 

 He sent out email blast telling everyone that if they didn't join mynewinternetbusiness within 48 hours they would "lose everything".  From the time that I was able to join mynewinternetbusiness and for my link to work took 3 days. 

It took each person's link for Mynewinternetbusiness 3 days to activate. Keep in mind he put 2 links in the back office for every yougetpaidfast member to click on, one being his (which was active) and direct sponsors links which took 3 days to get activated. But yet he was telling everyone they had to join or lose everything. Personally I had 7 that got scared and joined Paul Directly. 

 About 3 weeks ago, my passwords were being changed for both my yougetpaidfast account and my MNIB account. Paul Darby or someone changed my passwords to "Paulsnow" I would go in and change them to something different, thinking there is probably a good explanation. 

But today Paul Darby deleted my accounts and moved my downline. 

The truth is most of the people who join Yougetpaidfast are brand new to internet marketing and don't know any better. And I was the only seasoned marketer that would call Paul Darby out on the shady stuff, so I guess he felt it was necessary to delete my accounts.

Now the brutal truth is I was number 5, but I barely made a little over $200. Paul Darby portrays the program as if people were getting rich. 

 One last thing, when the program yougetpaidfast initially launched, one of my personal referrals was having a very difficult time and asked for a refund of his $28 dollars. I and my upline gave him back his $28 dollars, but Paul Darby on a conference call tells everyone that he refunded the money.

 Here is my advice to you on anything Paul Darby is behind, trust your gut... because in 2008 Yougetpaidfast was a different program then it is today, so I ask you what happen to all those people?