Friday, September 19, 2008

How to sponsor more downline members in Tahitian Noni International

Tahitian Noni International bases its production schedule on demand, and can do this year round because noni fruit is always in season. Tahitian Noni International?s plan is designed to reward you immediately as well as long term as you reap the benefits of the eight-level-deep unilevel plan. Your rewards are maximized with dynamic compression, and your wealth will grow through the three global bonus pools. Tahitian Noni International would also like to stress that the many safety and controls enforced by the company are guaranteed thanks to the official distribution channels. We therefore largely encourage our Spanish consumers to only buy our products with Spanish labels in Spain via Tahitian Noni International’s official distribution channels made of professional and trained individuals.

Tahitian Noni International is building for the future and you can be sure this is just the beginning. Tahitian Noni International is the only noni company that controls the entire process from picking up the fruits to the extraction and formulation process up to the delivery to your doorstep. Tahitian Noni International hires 3000 pickers in French Polynesia that are certified and trained to pick up fruits at their top maturity, making sure the fruit keeps its full potential in terms of bringing the most of its nutritional value. Tahitian Noni International has provided something to these people that is very precious and appreciated -- an opportunity to honestly provide for the needs of their families.

Tahitian Noni International does business in over 70 countries and has a wide offering of noni-based products, including healthy menu selections found at seven Tahitian Noni Caf�s? Tahitian Noni International opened their doors for business in July 1996 with a single product? They knew the health benefits of noni were powerful, but nothing could have prepared us for the explosive growth that followed. Tahitian Noni International a year ago broke into the functional beverage industry with the launch of Hiro, healthy alternatives to the myriad of unhealthy energy drinks on the market. Utilizing healthy ingredients, Hiro Energy in particular successfully remedies the common “crash and burn” that most other drinks have.

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