Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to generate the best shaklee leads

Are you a Shaklee distributor wanting to expand your Shaklee downline with new sign ups?  Kind of a dumb question to ask right, of course you do.  But how do you find the shaklee leads do you promote your Shaklee personal website directly?  Well I can tell you right now that promoting your Shaklee website directly is a bad idea.

Promoting your Shaklee website directly to generate shaklee leads will give you very little results if any at all. Here’s why I say that, if someone does a google search for Shaklee, what are the chances that they are already in Shaklee, pretty good right?  But what if someone searched for leads to another company and they found your generic lead system site, you just significantly increased your chances of generating the best shaklee leads in the industry.

Despite Shaklee having one of the best reputations in the MLM industry, and being recommended on OPRAH, not everyone will join your Shaklee business.  So what would happen if an experienced networker came to your Shaklee website and just left with out optin in to find out more.. Nothing right? And this is exactly what would happen to your income nothing.  Why not offer a visitor a system, the same system you can use to generate shaklee leads but a system that can be used to attract leads for any business.
Here’s the bottom line if you really want to generate the best shaklee leads use a funded sponsoring system. Mike Dillard did it with Magnetic Sponsoring now its your turn.
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