Wednesday, December 21, 2011

No Sponsoring Required.

There is absolutely nothing I hate more in the MLM and affiliate marketing industry than seeing a site with the head line "No sponsoring Required" when the only way to make money with that site is to sponsor.

There is absolutely no MLM or affiliate type program out there that you can simply join and make money with out ever sponsoring anyone, and I mean NONE. 

Here is the irony of those "no sponsoring required" sites, you will most likely see them via some form of advertising, i.e listbuilder, traffic exchanges, adwords, banner ads etc..  but wait if no sponsoring required then why are they advertising in the first place? 

If you do decide to join a site that claims "No sponsoring Required" just say to yourself, It's only reverse psycology, there is no such thing as  No Sponsoring Required and you'll do just fine.  But if you plan to join one of those no sponsoring required programs and think your going to make money, then good luck with that.

Brian Davis

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