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David Wood Who is David Wood in MLM?

For sometime now, I have been seeing David Wood all over the internet when searching for anything remotely close to downline building, lead generations, making money online, etc..

When I did a search on David Wood, I found several YouTube videos on different David Wood's, the David Wood I'm referring too in this blog post is the David Wood who is a top producer in Myleadsystempro and Numisnetwork. Now I don't know if David Wood is a top producer in these companies because he has mastered social media, in particular Facebook, or if he has mastered social media because he is a top producer in Myleadsystempro and others. But if I were a betting man, I would say he mastered Social Media first.

I found David Wood's facebook fan page at and the guy has 35,586 likes, that is crazy.. here is my hypotheses on how this happens.  I believe that once people start liking and sharing the page, momentum sets in like a freight train and the likes start to multiply. 

Ok so why don't all Facebook fan pages have likes in the 10's of thousands?  Good question, and the answer is I don't know exactly, but I would think that if the content is something people want to share, then that would have a big impact on it.

If you have a facebook fan page, share it below in the comment box.

work at home leads - How to get them Free.

How do Lead generation companies or Lead brokers generate work at home leads? There are several ways these companies generate work at home leads, they may place a generic add in a home business magazine, they may place an ad or link on various work at home related websites.  Another source Lead generation companies may use is Goolge Adwords, and similar ads on other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

The one thing you truly want to avoid is lead generation companies that use co-registration methods of generating work at home leads.  Have you ever seen an ads like win a free ipod or check your IQ, well the majority of those type of ads require a visitor to opt in to gain access.  After they opt in, they are co shared with hundreds of other sites, so none the less they end up getting work at home related emails and they have no idea how.

Here's a fact, Lead generation companies don't make their money from generating work at home leads, they make their bread and butter from current home business owners buying these type of leads from them. 

Let say you have a work at home business, and you need leads for that business, you do a Google search for work at home leads and find several companies that sell work at home leads you buy these work at home leads and then upload them, email them, call them or whatever method you choose.

Personally I would rather save my money and generate my own work at home leads, that way the lead knows how they got there.

Brian Davis

Chews 4 Health 274% Gain for November

Chews 4 Health had a 274.14% Gain this month according to  When an MLM company makes a significant increase in rankings, meaning the Alexa rankings go up, there is usually one or two reasons. 1. A top network marketer joins or 2. A new viral type of system has been developed for the business.

I did find a system called Chews4health Chews90 Marketing system, that appears to be fairly new.  I found a youtube video with 0 views, yeah read right 0, so I'll post that video here to help the poster out a little. look for the video at the bottom of this post.

Chews4health looks like a great business, but the product price point seems a tad bit on the high side.

Chews-4-Health is a natural chewable dietary supplement containing whole food vitamins, minerals, amino acids, macro minerals, trace minerals, phyto-nutrients and antioxidants. Chews-4-Health Team Members (reps) can build their business for as little as $39 per month. In addition to retail profits, Team Members can also receive 4% to 24% commissions. The Chews-4-Wealth back office is a free service provided to all active Team Members. The back office gives Team Members access to genealogy reports of all their customers/team members and exclusive access to special conference calls and PowerPoint presentations. The back office software also sends letters to all customers and Team Members to keep them up to date on the latest news, events and product updates.

All commission qualified Team Members receive a personalized Chews-4-Health MasterCard/Debit card, and earned commissions are credited directly to the debit card each week.

No matter how good Chews4health is or how great the products are, if you really want to attract leaders to your chews4health business, use a system that is generic to all MLM opportunities.


I created a Facebook Fan Page.

I recently did a search for how many Facebook fan pages there are, and as you imagine there are not any sites with exact numbers or at least I couldn't find one.  However; at the rate people are starting to dabble in creating new Facebook Fan Pages,  the numbers are growing exponentially.

I used HIKE social app to build my tab for my Facebook fan page.  Now just like 99% of those just starting out in creating facebook fanpages, I'm still learning how to really utilize this Facebook feature to promote both myself and my business.

Facebook Fan Pages appear to go back as far as 2009, but I bet they really go back much further than that.  The folks over at Facebook, create something and then I would imagine they test it out for extended periods before letting the 600 million or so loose on it.

I can't give you much advise on how to set up a Facebook fan page, just do a google search for how to set one up, but don't pay for it, there are plenty of free resources out there. Like I mentioned earlier, I used HIKE social app to build mine. 

Head over to my facebook fan page, click like.

Brian Davis

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ampegy Leads

4LIFE Leads

Ampegy topped the latest MLMRankings update with a very significant gain of 418% over the prior month. Ampegy also appears on the Top Performers list for consistent gains over the last sixth month period.
About Ampegy: Ampegy, a network marketing  company, is leveraging the power of deregulation of America's energy  industry through Spark Energy. The deregulated residential energy  market is a $60 billion industry and growing. As more and more markets become available, the opportunity exists for Independent
Representatives to build their own lucrative business in the direct  selling market. Ampegy currently offers service through Spark Energy in  nine states. To learn more, visit

About MLMRankings takes a monthly snapshot of internet MLM interest by compiling data from a variety of  Internet MLM metrics sources, and providing them on this site in a  simple format. Want to compare two MLM companies? Use our comparison  tool and see just what percentage of the public interest a given MLM  opportunity captures.
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Youngevity Leads | How to get free Youngevity Leads

"SAN DIEGO, Oct. 27, 2011 -- Youngevity Essential Life Sciences, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AL International, Inc. and global direct seller of lifestyle and nutritional products and gourmet healthy coffee, said earlier this week that it has finalized its acquisition of Financial Destination, Inc. (FDI), a nationwide direct seller of financial, telecommunications, and health and wellness-related services.

"The joining of our organizations is a game changer for both companies. Bringing FDI into the Youngevity family represents the largest acquisition that we have done to date. Elements of this partnering include having FDI's President and CEO become the President of Youngevity. FDI's strong corporate team stays intact to support the one company," explained AL International CFO, Chris Nelson. "This partnering is going so well that we all are currently calling the combined family of companies FDI-Youngevity," he added.

The merger adds FDI's approximately 100,000 customer contacts and nearly 10,000 active marketers to Youngevity's international direct selling network. Since January, more than 300,000 consumers have used FDI's free pharmacy discount card, saving over $5 million. The card offers discounts of up to 85% at major pharmacies such as Walgreens, CVS, Target and Wal-Mart. The merger allows FDI's sales force to offer the full range of Youngevity's more than 400 lifestyle products as well as JavaFit coffees to their customers, while Youngevity sellers may now add FDI's financial benefits to their customers.

"Mergers and acquisitions are a key component of our aggressive growth strategy," said Steve Wallach, CEO of AL International. "The deal with FDI represents an important and exciting piece of the 'network of networks' we're creating that brings together independent entrepreneurs and hundreds of thousands of customers. Moreover, FDI's distributor training and recognition programs, regarded as second to none in the direct selling industry, are already beginning to take our company to the next level," he added.

William J Andreoli, founder of FDI and President of Youngevity, called the merger "a win-win" for all sides. "Youngevity provides a strong and aggressive marketing group plus exceptional products and solid infrastructure. The FDI team now has access to their gourmet coffee line, hundreds of consumable products, and international marketing opportunities. Consumers are looking for ways to simplify their lives, stay healthy, and achieve financial stability. Working with Youngevity, we believe we can offer solutions to what today's consumers are looking for," he said. "

Press Release : Source Link

Youngevity Home Business Profile

Nu Skin Leads | How to get free Nu Skin Leads

 "PROVO, Utah, Oct. 28, 2011 -- Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. commenced its global convention with the announcement of new products, sales initiatives and milestones for its non-profit Foundation. In addition, the company's executive Chairman of the Board, Blake M. Roney, announced that he has accepted a three-year leadership assignment to serve as a volunteer for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Roney will continue to serve as the executive chairman of the board through May 2012, shortly before he begins his new church assignment, and will remain involved in the company on a limited basis until his return in 2015. Steven J. Lund, the current vice chairman of the board, will become the next chairman of the board. Lund has been with the company since its infancy and previously served as its chief executive officer.

"This year's convention will go down in Nu Skin history as a truly historic event," said Steve Lund, vice chairman of the board. "We've had the opportunity to honor the distinctive leadership of Blake Roney and wish him well in his new assignment. As the company builds on the foundation of success that he has helped to establish, we see a great future ahead for the company. Much of this optimism comes from Nu Skin's ageLOC platform that is creating a super class of anti-aging products and a powerful business opportunity for the company's expanding sale force. In addition, Nu Skin's founding mission to be a 'force for good in the world' continues to be demonstrated through the generous culture of Nu Skin global family of distributors and employees."

ageLOC Anti-aging Products

At the convention, Nu Skin officially launched its latest ageLOC products, R2 nutritional supplement and Galvanic Body Spa(TM), to the more than 13,000 distributors attending convention. At the beginning of October, Nu Skin began taking orders for the new products on a limited time basis. Orders for the new products have totaled approximately $100 million, well ahead of company expectations. Nu Skin will follow-up the limited time offering with its global roll-out that will begin in the first quarter in the United States, Japan and Korea, with subsequent product introductions in Greater China and Southeast Asia in the following quarters.

Adding to the strength of the ageLOC anti-aging super class of products is the company's recent announcement of its letter of intent to acquire LifeGen Technologies. The acquisition includes substantially all of the assets of LifeGen, including its tissue bank, proprietary gene expression database, patents and intellectual property related to gene research. The acquisition of LifeGen will enhance Nu Skin's pipeline of next-generation anti-aging products for many years to come, allowing Nu Skin to provide a steady stream of innovative anti-aging solutions aimed at helping people live younger, longer.

Nu Skin Corporate Social Responsibility

On the eve of the convention, the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation hosted a fundraising gala with approximately 700 guests in attendance. Celebrating its 15-Year Anniversary, the foundation raised approximately US$700,000. One hundred percent of donations are used for projects around the world that offer hope for children to have a life free from disease, illiteracy and poverty. "

Press Release : Source Link

Nu Skin Enterprises Home Business Profile

"PROVO, Utah, Oct. 27, 2011 -- Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has executed a letter of intent to acquire LifeGen Technologies, LLC, a genomics company based in Madison, Wisconsin for $11,662,500. The letter of intent includes the acquisition of substantially all of the assets of LifeGen, including its tissue bank, proprietary gene expression database, patents and intellectual property related to gene research. In connection with the transaction, the company will also enter into consulting agreements with LifeGen co-founders, Richard Weindruch, Ph.D., and Tomas Prolla, Ph.D., and the two will continue to serve on the Nu Skin Anti-aging Scientific Advisory Board.

"Our acquisition of LifeGen will further solidify the competitive advantage Nu Skin enjoys with our ageLOC anti-aging platform with exclusive access to LifeGen's breakthrough work on genetic sources of aging," said Chief Executive Officer, Truman Hunt. "The acquisition also makes financial sense as we will no longer incur royalty obligations on products developed with LifeGen's assistance. Overall, we believe that this acquisition of LifeGen will enhance our pipeline of next-generation anti-aging products for many years to come, allowing us to provide a steady stream of innovative anti-aging solutions aimed at helping people live younger, longer."

"LifeGen truly is a unique resource in the battle against aging," said Dr. Joseph Chang, Nu Skin's chief scientific officer. "Its extensive database of genetic tissue information related to the aging process and its proprietary algorithm provide the unique ability to identify aging-related genes. Few labs in the world can match this capability. We are delighted to welcome the LifeGen team to our own team of world-class scientists."

The company initiated its scientific collaboration with LifeGen in 2009. Since that time, LifeGen's proprietary genetic science has supported Nu Skin's 'super class' of anti-aging products, including the company's most recent introduction of the ageLOC R2 nutritional supplement. The acquisition will further enhance Nu Skin's position as a leader in the anti-aging industry by bringing LifeGen, a company based on more than 30 years of aging research, in house.

"We are pleased to see LifeGen joining the Nu Skin family and cementing our relationship with the company's research and development team as we continue to break new ground in understanding the relationship between gene activity and the nutritional control of the aging process," said Richard Weindruch, Ph.D., co-founder of LifeGen Technologies.

"Since 2009, we have had the pleasure of working closely with Nu Skin's research and development team. We have found significant synergies between our anti-aging expertise and Nu Skin's innovative product development process and extensive knowledge of natural ingredients," added Tomas Prolla, Ph.D., co-founder of LifeGen Technologies. "Working together, LifeGen and Nu Skin will continue to develop the world's largest database of gene expression changes associated with aging and nutritional interventions. We believe this unique resource will allow Nu Skin to continue to launch science-based products that effectively slow aging."

Pursuant to the terms of the letter of intent, the acquisition is subject to completion of a definitive purchase agreement, due diligence and other closing conditions. Assuming satisfactory due diligence, Nu Skin expects to close the acquisition prior to the end of the year. "

Press Release : Source Link

Nu Skin Enterprises Home Business Profile

Market America Leads

Source: Press Release

"Greensboro, NC October 28, 2011 -- JR Ridinger, President & CEO of Market America, Inc. and SHOP MA, INC., Internet marketing and product brokerage companies, announced today that the Business Journal has ranked Market America the 22nd fastest growing company in the triad. Market America has made the Fast 50 list for the past 6 years in a row.

“Market America has continued to achieve an enormous amount of growth, even with the hard-hitting economic climate,” said JR Ridinger. “It is clear why Market America continues to grow…we are the ultimate online destination, providing the most personalized, high-tech, high-touch and revolutionary shopping experience, allowing millions of customers to do what they love to do best-SHOP!” said Ridinger.

Market America’s recent purchase of SHOP.COM, the shopping comparison site, combines SHOP.COM's strength in technology and merchandising, providing customers with the latest, high-tech online shopping, with Market America's high-touch, personal shopping experience and its unlimited cash back program. It will continue to expand Market America’s current people-powered, relationship-based shopping portal into a content rich destination that informs, entertains and personally guides customers in their shopping experience. The partnership between Market America and SHOP.COM is set to revolutionize the internet shopping market and position the companies to be one of the fastest growing internet retailers in the country. "

Press Release : Source Link

Market America Home Business Profile

ForeverGreen Leads | How to get Free Forever Green Leads

I can teach you how to generate the best Forevergreen leads, practically free

Source: Press Release

"OREM, Utah--ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation, a leading provider of nutritional foods and other healthy products, today announced significant revenue growth when compared to the same quarter last year.

Revenue for Q2 2011 was $3,481,814 compared to $2,423,082, an increase of 43.7%. Six month revenue grew to $6,304,015 versus $4,967,563, an increase of 26.9%.

Net income for the quarter was a loss $205,468 or (.01) EPS compared to a loss of $95,427 or (.01) EPS during the same time frame in 2010.

Paul Frampton, CFO, stated, “We are proud of our growth of our sales. Due to some non-recurring charges during Q2, we expect expenses as a percentage of sales to decrease, and gross and net profit margins to increase going forward. In fact, as mentioned in a prior release, we are currently cash flow positive. During the three and six month periods ended June 30, 2011, we experienced a sales growth trend that is continuing into the third quarter of 2011. This increase in sales comes primarily as the result of the introduction of our new brand line ‘VERSATIVA,' which is designed to improve our business opportunity for our independent distributors. The new brand line introduction of ‘VERSATIVA' was critical to the enrollment of several experienced entrepreneurs in our industry. We anticipate that the increase in sales will continue in the upcoming quarters. With the newly released product ‘Inspirin,' we expect to hit our yearly forecast growth revenues of over 50%.” "

Press Release : Source Link

ForeverGreen Home Business Profile

USANA Leads | How to get Free USANA Leads

 I can show you how to generate the best free USANA Health Sciences Leads

Source: Press Release

"SALT LAKE CITY--USANA Health Sciences, Inc. today reported financial results for its fiscal third quarter ended October 1, 2011.

Net sales in the third quarter of 2011 increased by 6.3% to $143.5 million, compared with $135.0 million in the prior year period. This net sales growth was driven by higher product sales in the Company's Asia Pacific region. In addition, favorable currency exchange rates added $5.1 million to the quarter's net sales growth. Net earnings in the third quarter decreased as compared with the prior year period by 3.6% to $12.4 million due to a 172 basis point increase in operating expenses, which was partially offset by improved gross profit margins. The increased operating expenses were predominantly due to an increase in Associate Incentives. Earnings per share for the quarter increased 2.5% to $0.81, compared with $0.79 in the third quarter of the prior year. This increase resulted from a decreased number of diluted shares outstanding from share repurchases over the last 12 months and was partially offset by lower net earnings.

Chief Executive Officer Dave Wentz said, “During the third quarter, our executive team continued to work closely with the Company's Associates to meet challenges and drive performance. At our 19th annual International Convention in August, we hosted thousands of Associates in Salt Lake City, Utah and made several exciting announcements, including the opening of France and Belgium in the first quarter of 2012. Our entry into these two markets will follow our expansion into Thailand in the fourth quarter of 2011, and is consistent with our plan to be more aggressive in our international expansion efforts. The announcement of these new markets has been well received by our Associates and will help drive momentum as we finish off 2011 and begin 2012.”

Net sales in the Asia Pacific region increased by 12.6% to $84.5 million, compared with $75.0 million for the third quarter of the prior year. This improvement was due to strong sales growth in the Philippines, South Korea and BabyCare, the Company's operating entity in China. BabyCare's sales increased $2.7 million during the quarter, in comparison with partial third quarter 2010 operating results. The Company acquired BabyCare on August 16, 2010. In the third quarter, the number of active Associates in this region decreased by 6.3%, which was primarily the result of an anticipated decline in the number of Hong Kong Associates. This decline, however, was partially offset by impressive growth in the number of active Associates in the Philippines, South Korea and BabyCare. In particular, Associate counts increased 87.5% in the Philippines and 50% in each of South Korea and BabyCare.

During the third quarter of 2011, net sales in the North America region decreased by 1.6% to $59.0 million, compared with the third quarter of the prior year. The number of Active Associates in North America during this period also declined by 12.1%, compared with the third quarter of the prior year.

Mr. Wentz added, “We continue to develop our strategy for North America, which focuses on personalization and innovation, coupled with market-specific incentive offerings. This strategy resulted from information gathered from recent market research and will be implemented initially in North America and is intended to drive long-term growth in this region. While we recognize that North America is a mature direct selling region and a difficult region to grow for direct selling companies, we believe that this region will grow with time, effort and the successful execution of our strategy.”

The Company continued its successful track record of generating cash from operations during the third quarter and fiscal year to date. Cash generated from operations totaled $22.1 million for the third quarter and $53.5 million for the first nine months of 2011. As of October 1, 2011, the Company had approximately $36.3 million in cash and cash equivalents. During the quarter, the Company repurchased a total of 268,000 shares under its authorized stock repurchase program for a total investment of $7.4 million and ended the quarter with $29.0 million remaining under the current authorization.

Chief Financial Officer Doug Hekking commented, “Based on our performance during the first three quarters of the year, we are raising our outlook for 2011. We now project consolidated net sales to be between $577 million and $581 million for the year, versus our previous outlook of $565 million to $575 million. In addition, we now expect to generate earnings per share between $3.20 and $3.25 versus our previous outlook of $3.05 to $3.10. We will remain focused on operational efficiency as we continue to integrate BabyCare into our business and work to successfully launch three new markets in the coming quarters. Overall, we are pleased with how the company has responded to the challenges presented in 2011 and expect to finish the year strong.” "

Press Release : Source Link

USANA Home Business Profile

AdvoCare Leads | How to get Free AdvoCare Leads

 I can show you how to generate real time qualified AfvoCare leads and how to make money even if they say now to your Advacore opportunity. 

Source: Press Release

"DALLAS--With the London Olympics less than 300 days away, athletes and companies like AdvoCare, a premier health and wellness company based in Dallas, are expecting the strictest anti-doping policies ever implemented in high-level competition. AdvoCare has prepared for the challenge by investing in extensive product testing to ensure its products are free of banned, performance enhancing substances and maintain their excellent reputation in the amateur and professional athletic communities.

There have been nine Olympic Games and many AdvoCare product-using competitors since the company was founded and only one athlete has ever claimed AdvoCare products contained a banned substance. This allegation by swimmer Jessica Hardy prompted AdvoCare to proactively seek a legal ruling to protect its reputation. This month a California Federal District Court will hear motions filed by AdvoCare to dismiss the claims filed by Ms. Hardy on the grounds the analytical testing she is relying on is invalid and unreliable.

“There is no scientific basis for Hardy's claims against the company, and AdvoCare is asking the court to enter judgment in its favor on all of the claims asserted by Hardy,” said Allison Levy, general counsel for AdvoCare. “Subsequent to these allegations AdvoCare has had independent testing performed on each and every lot of product provided to Jessica Hardy and has demonstrated that every lot was free of banned substances. Furthermore, we are confident that this case will prove to be unfounded.”

In order to further guarantee the safety of its products, AdvoCare has fortified its products' safety with an additional layer of checks and balances by participating in the INFORMED-CHOICE certification program – an independent quality assurance program for sports nutrition products. AdvoCare voluntarily and proactively has its entire Performance Elite line, and many other products, tested to certify the products are banned-substance free. By making this investment in the INFORMED-CHOICE alliance, AdvoCare has been able to attract, retain and help many athlete endorsers excel in their sports, and do so with confidence in their nutritional supplement choice. "

Press Release : Source Link

Advocare International Home Business Profile

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Beyond Organic Leads, How to generate Free Leads for Beyond Organic

Beyond Organic is a new company being launched by Jordan Rubin, founder of Garden for Life and is scheduled to launch November 1, 2011. Beyond Organic will be marketing a unique product line of organic foods and compensates their distributors, referred to as “Mission Marketers”, via a unilevel compensation plan. 

Beyond Organic’s product line will include “Green-fed” beef processed to Kosher standards, raw cheeses, several types of water products, probiotic chocolate, and Amasai, a fermented dairy beverage similar to kefir.
Beyond Organic’s warehouses are headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri.
Company Goals

Beyond Organic’s mission is “to transform the health of this nation and world one life at a time.”
Enrollment Options

The options for signing up include a retail customer (free), a preferred customer (free or $19.95 annually), or an Independent Mission Marketer ($39.95 or $199.95). Mission Marketers receive a personal website from which to sell Beyond Organic products.
Compensation Plan
Beyond Organic's unilevel compensation plan also includes a bonus of a “Healthy Living Account” for its Mission Marketers who have achieved VP status. The Healthy Living Account can be used to help pay for visits to complementary health care practitioners such as chiropractors and acupuncturists. As Mission Marketers move up in the organization, they will receive monthly bonuses to use for massages, gym fees, back adjustments, and other health-supporting services. 

In order to participate and receive commissions from the Beyond Organic compensation plan, Mission Marketers of any rank must accumulate 150 Personal Point Value (which includes personal or customer orders), or subscribe to a 100 Point Value Autoship order during the monthly pay period. 
Mission Marketers will receive a 20% discount off suggested retail for all commission able items.
To generate the best possible leads for Beyond Organic, visit

MyLeadSystempro – Why I Quit, By Brian Davis

My lead system pro does work and it did work for me to generate leads and income, if you need me to prove that it worked, contact me and I will be glad to send you a screen shot of the leads I generated with myleadsystempro. 
So why did I drop myleadsystempro?   To start off cost,  myleadsystempro cost $50 a month, then if you use a 3rd party autoresponder, like aweber and you have a list of over 5000 like I do, your now into $90 a month.   The only real reason anyone would opt into your MLSP capture page is if they were struggling with their current primary business, meaning they aren’t making any money and now you want them to spend another $90 a month.
What does my lead system pro not have
NO independent autoresponder
NO producing and hosting of your own videos
NO Blog Builder
NO personal webinar or conference room

The one thing I did like about myleadsystempro is the ability to create unlimited article pages, but then again anyone can do that with a free blog. 

Upsales, right after I joined MLSP I started getting upsales for products produced and sold by the creators.   Now I’m not a math major, but it would seem to reason that the $50 MLSP charges every month would be enough.

You do have the ability to market magnetic sponsoring from within your myleadsystempro, but I can show you how to market magneticsponsoringonline from a program that cost only $9.95.. whoa did I let the cat out of the bag?
My lead system pro is great program and a great system IF you already have the budget to spend $90 to $200 a month and you already know how to market.  If you don’t have or don’t want to spend big money on a “system” you need to see what this has to offer and then compare