Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to Get Free Leads For Vemma

Did you find this article searching for Free Vemma Leads, or perhaps you were searching for   Free mlm leads for another company either way it's no accident that you are here.   But I'm here to tell you that Free Vemma Nutrition leads is not what you need in your Vemma business, but I also don't want you to buy Leads either.  Let me explain
Everyday thousands of people join MLM companies like Vemma and while the industry has no hesitation in reminding us that 97% will fail, they don't remind us that those 97% are qualified prospects for your Vemma downline or any business for that matter, you just need to provide them with the right tools, training and mentorship. 
Why do I say that those 97% mlm failures are qualified leads for your Vemma team, #1 the already know and like the thought of creating residual income and they know that companies like Vemma is practically the only way to accomplish that. But Vemma by itself will never work unless you have already built a repuation as an MLM rock star.  
If you want become one of those MLM rock stars and attract more signups to your Vemma business, then you I encourage you to check out My Lead System Pro 
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