Saturday, April 28, 2012

New GDI Members

Post written By Jody Moore

I was over at the GDI forum this morning in the newbie section and was a little frightened when I read all the posts from new members asking how do they get started and did not see any replies.  So I reassured them that it wasn't because the senior sponsors didn't want to be bothered but simply because they are serious about their businesses and are working hard at it. I am a newbie also, with only about three weeks in the program, but as their senior I took it upon myself to help them as best I could. The point I'm trying to make is, we are a team even though we all are individual affiliates, and we all should help each other with whatever we can.

Jody Moore

How To Get Laid Off From Corporate America With A 'Part Time' Income That's 5 Times Your Salary (with Lawrence Tam)

Holy smokes. I think that this is actually the new, best audio in the Inner Circle. Lawrence just got laid off from his full time job, and was making 5 times his corporate salary, part time after 10 years in his job, and four years of school. This is one of the most powerful audios we have - make sure that your whole team listens in - it's that important.

To get access to this powerful video go to  join here

Friday, April 27, 2012

Tim Sebert GDI and MLMHitLIst

What is Tim Sebert upto these days, I have not seen him on the GDI leader board for a while now.  Come to think of it, there seems to be a whole slew of new names on there now.  I recon Tim Sebert has built a large enough downline GDI that he can actually retire.

I've seen many people claim to be the #1 and #2 GDI affiliate in the world, but I bet if you were able to peak into the GDI payment books since it's launch back around 99, you would see that Tim Sebert probably holds one of those records.

Any how, if you know what Tim Sebert is upto these days, post it here. Thanks.

Brian Davis

numis network leads

I have to be honest with you so I don't waste your time.  I don't know anything about numis network, oh I know the product is silver and gold coins.

What this post is really about is how to get more numis network leads and signups.  I'm giving you the exact system the David Wood and Ray Higdon both use to grow their numis network downline.  As a matter of fact many of your top numis network reps past and present all use MLSP.  Don't take my word for it, just do a google search for the top names in numis network and see what you end up with.

If you happen to be a Numis Network distributor, your upline should have told you about my lead system pro..  again I don't much about Numis Network, but even though the product is silver coins, I'm sure your going to pay much more than the value just like you would for juice.  Numis Network could not stay in business if they sold the numatic coins at cost.

If you want to become a Numis Network sponsoring machine, do what the top Numis Network enrollers are doing.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paparazzi Accessories Leads

New company alert from Npros, this new company is called Paparazzi Accessories.   I'm not writing a review on Paparazzi Accessories, if you want to know more about Paparazzi Accessories, visit Npros Paparazzi Accessories  

My objective here is really for those already in Paparazzi Accessories or any Network Marketing, MLM company. And that is how to attract the best qualified Paparazzi Accessories leads and Paparazzi Accessories prospects to you.   You might think that writing a review or doing a video about Paparazzi Accessories and then throwing a link in an image or else that leads to a lead generation system known as MLM Downline System, powered by MLSP is going to bring you leads for Paparazzi Accessories well guess what your right it does and it will.

If you really want to attract Paparazzi Accessories prospects don't talk about Paparazzi Accessories, don't promote Paparazzi Accessories.  Promote a generic proven MLM lead generation system that is proven to generate the best leads in the home business industry.

You might be asking why would I promote a generic lead system vice promoting my Paparazzi Accessories directly?  Here's why,   I want you to go to Google and do a search for Paparazzi Accessories, then I want you to do search for Home Business Leads or MLM leads or How to get more signups, the difference will be clear to you.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Infinity Downline Leads | Infinity Downline Sign ups

Infinity Dowline, here is a program based on the 100% commissions concept that has stood the test of time.  I don't know if Infinity Dowline was the first online business that members could receive 100% direct member to member commissions, but I do know it was one of the first.

Infinity Dowline is still the only program that does not have any admin fees, and as far as I know Infinity Dowline never had any issues regarding new Infinity Dowline members being able to sign up and set up their payment processors.

The only down side that I saw with Infinity Dowline is that you received a lot of promotional emails from the owner,  now that is part of the agreement of not having to pay an admin fee, so receiving those offers may be worth it to you in exchange for no admin fees to be a Infinity Dowline member.

Another popular program that is comparable to  Infinity Dowline is Empower Network.  I honestly don't know which has paid out more money.  Empower network claims to have paid out over 4.5 or perhaps 5 million by now, in direct commissions.

Since Infinity Dowline has been around a significant time longer than Empower Network, Infinity Dowline may have actually paid out more than Empower Network.

Infinity Dowline does offer a suite of products that vary in concept and purpose.  As a Infinity Dowline rep you get access to videos on everything from how to use microsoft word to video marketing.

At the time of this blog post about Infinity Downline Leads, I am not an Infinity Dowline member, I'm just part of a business that helps Infinity Dowline members generate leads and prospects for their business.

If you are Infinity Dowline you already know that not everyone will join your Infinity Dowline business.  Offer them a generic sponsoring tool they can use 

Origami Owl Leads and Origami Owl Sign ups

If you are an Origami Owl member and you want to sponsor more Origami Owl reps, then click the link to become a Origami Owl Sponsoring machine 

Origami Owl was established by a 14-year-old who marketed her line of personalized bracelets to generate income to buy a car. Today the business's trademark bracelets selections are traded online and by Separate Developers at home activities and activities.

At Origami Owl activities, customers create personalized lockets by selecting their own locket, appeal, cycle, hand-stamped steel menu, and weighs. Most of Origami Owl’s bracelets provides for below $25.00.

Independent Developers can start their Origami Owl company with a Business Fundamentals Program for $199.00, such as primary company resources, 4 lockets, 36 appeal, bracelets resources and 1 free month of personalized website. There are also bigger offers available for $399.00, $799.00, or $2,599.00. Origami Owl Developers must be at least 14 years of age with a legal guard trademark.

Origami Owl Developers generate 50% on appeal and 30% on all other bracelets. They can generate more by guidance a team. Developers can also purchase bracelets from the company at 30-50% off store through their Origami Owl back-office.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Inclusive Income | INC2 - Home Internet Business

Inclusive Income | INC2 - Home Internet Business is re-launching, if you don't know what Inclusive Income | INC2 - Home Internet Business is you are in for a big treat.

Inclusive Income | INC2 - Home Internet Business was created by Jason Joyner and Wendy Kohn owner of Exclusively Cards.   So what happen to Inclusive Income | INC2 - Home Internet Business that prompted the need for a re-launch..  What happened in short was alert pay, the creator of Inclusive Income | INC2 - Home Internet Business waited to see if Alertpay would ever get back the ability to accept credit cards, well as of this posting, Alertpay still can not accept credit cards. 

I don't want to dwell too much on what happened to Inclusive Income | INC2 - Home Internet Business but actually Inclusive Income | INC2 - Home Internet Business never shut down, it continued to grow, the problem was alert pay.

No other program of this kind converts better than Inclusive Income | INC2 - Home Internet Business not even Empower Network. 


That's right with Inclusive Income | INC2 - Home Internet Business you pay one time and one time only.  And you receive 100% direct member to member commissions. 

Look I fully understand the need for residual income, and I get it when a program has a monthly fee in order to supply a residual income, but let's be honest monthly fees suck.  With Inclusive Income | INC2 - Home Internet Business you don't have to worry about your credit card being charged every month.

Brian Davis

Global Domains International

If you found this blog post searching for Global Domains International, then there is no reason for me to go into great detail about Global Domains International, also known as GDI for short, because you already know what Global Domains International is about, if not, click the image to the left.

I'll tell you up front, Global Domains International has one of the lowest commission payouts for personal sign ups, in the industry.  For every new Global Domains International member you only get $1.00.  That means you would need to sponsor 1000 people to earn $1000.  Most people will never sponsor more than  2 people in Global Domains International even though the program is free to join and only $10 a month to maintain.

Global Domains International does pay down 5 levels, so if you're on of the lucky ones to sponsor someone who consistently sponsors new Global Domains International downline then you might be okay, but it's still going to take a while before you can quit your day job.

Bonus Money.  To kind of compensate for such a low payout, Global Domains International has one of if not the most generous bonus plans in the industry.  For every 5 new Global Domains International accounts you give away, you'll earn a one time bonus of $100.00 now that's pretty significant, but again very few people achieve this bonus despite Global Domains International being free to join.

I'm sure someone will correct me on my numbers here, but I bet there are close to a million Global Domains International reps, but yet only about 10 or so ever get 5 signups to meet the bonus money each week.

Global Domains International does have a marketing DVD that you could send to a prospect,and that DVD would probably close a great percentage of your Global Domains International leads and prospects, as long as the leads are surveyed to be interested in working from home.  The only problem is by the time you pay for the DVD, pay for the lead, pay to mail the DVD, your way above what you would ever make on a new Global Domains International signup using that method.  unless you find one that is sponsoring machine.

Here's the bottom line: Global Domains International is a stable MLM, but the pay is just too low.

Brian Davis

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Ok, so the video above has nothing to do with getting MORINDA BIOACTIVES Leads, I just though it was a cool video and if you feel compiled to visit the originator of the video, although it was probably copied from MORINDA BIOACTIVES corporate site.

The video them seems a lot like Visalus, but If you have been in Network Marketing for anytime, you'll know that Tahitian Noni now MORINDA BIOACTIVES  did way more business world wide than Visalus.

If you really want to get more MORINDA BIOACTIVES leads and MORINDA BIOACTIVES signups, you need to attract the right target market.  Yes you can send opportunity seekers straight to your MORINDA BIOACTIVES  website,

but do not send the prospects your about to start generating with the follow system to directly to your

How To Get More Empower Network Signups

Well did you stumble across this blog post because your looking for how to get more empower network signups?  I have to make a confession up front, I suck at getting Empower Network Sign ups, as of this post I'm barely breaking even with empower network, well actually I'm spending more than I make.  The reason I tell you this upfront, is because I really don't how to get more Empower network signups, if I did I'd be making money with Empower Network.

So why did I do a blog post on How To Get More Empower Network Signups?  Because I know there are 1000's of struggling empower network members out there. And if we just can't figure out how the Empower Network gurus are getting Empower Network signups, it doesn't mean that we can't make a little money in the process.

I don't think any of the top leaders in Empower Network will share with you how exactly they are getting Empower Network sign ups.   But if you study the names on the Empower Network Leader board,  you will find that the vast majority of them are part of a program called My Lead System Pro.

And in every single case, they came in with a large list. So building a list is one way to get more Empower Network signups, but that is a different post for a different time.

Brian Davis